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Has your business embraced the need for video as part of the marketing plan?

If at first you’re apprehensive to record a video, an easy way to get started and incorporate visual movement into your social feed is utilizing Boomerangs or IG Stories. You can take those platforms for a test drive and get comfortable with recording video before embarking on something like Facebook Live or IG TV.

If you’re ready to give video a try, keep these tips in mind when recording:

  1. Test it out — it may take a few tries to get comfortable in front of the camera and that’s ok!

  2. Don’t panic at your audience size — focus as if you’re talking to just one person.

  3. Slow down…chances are you’re talking too quickly!

  4. It’s ok to be animated and passionate; this will keep viewers engaged.

  5. Keep it short, the human attention span has dwindled to 8 seconds…less than that of a goldfish.

Good luck and keep at it!

Questions about using video to marketing your business? Ask away:


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