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LinkedIn — It's Not Just for Job Seekers!

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Every time I discuss my love for LinkedIn from a marketing standpoint people seem a little skeptical. I explain the benefit of building your network and showcasing your expertise at the same time.

Sharing snippets of information that followers of your profile or business page can read in under three minutes is a way to build trust and provide some valuable information.

The goal is for them to be interested enough to read the next piece you share and to consider your content valuable. You won't always hit it out of the park, but the key is to keep sharing great content so they continue the relationship.

It is also suggested to use hashtags in your posts to gain exposure from potentially new contacts who are also interested in this same topic. If you are new to the world of hashtags, LinkedIn will suggest relevant ones at the bottom of your post to help you along.

Are you the type of user who pops on to LinkedIn when you think about it, scroll through, get bored and move on to another task? The key is to participate to get the most out of LinkedIn — comment on posts or articles that interest you, 'like' posts and or 'share' your favourites — this is the best way to engage and continue to build those valuable relationships.

If you haven't added yourself to LinkedIn groups, you're missing out. This is a great way to discuss industry with like-minded individuals who "speak your language" and experience the same challenges and concerns as your business. I challenge you to join at least one new group today!

Happy networking, and don't forget to participate (it's why they are called "social networks" after all)!

Would you like some help building your business on LinkedIn? Send me an email and let's connect:


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