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Customer Emails

How often are you giving out your email address to companies? I’m sure you think twice before doing so. In all likelihood your customers feel the very same way when you ask for their email address. So, how to do you collect this important info without making customers regret handing over their sacred email address?

We've compiled some top tips and items to consider when you are building out your next customer email campaign:

  • A Promise of only valuable content — before they even sign up, set the expectation so they understand there is little risk with joining your mailing list. Explain what your emails contain and how often you send them; i.e. store promotions, tips that add value to their life in some way or new stock alerts. Essentially, they want to know you won't be spamming them daily with nonsense they don't actually care about.

  • Explain why the email list will make their life easier — is handing over their email address the key to online appointment booking, online ordering or added convenience to the customer? If yes, tell them!

  • Welcome them when they join — add-in the perk of a discount code to use online or in-store after they sign up for your email list; this way they know you appreciate their business.

  • Make the emails simple and quick to read — keep it under 1 minute whenever possible.

  • Remember, what’s in it for them? What value will the customer receive when they open your next email? If you are unsure, back to refining your message before you send it.

  • CASL Compliance —always ensure you are following the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and allowing a one-click opt-out in addition to never buying email addresses.

Looking for some help in your email marketing strategy? We’ve got you covered. 519.200.6447


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