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The Essential Piece; The Website.

A website is essential in today's market. It doesn't need to be a fancy, multi-page site; but basic web presence is a must-have. A few key pieces to ensure your website is functioning at its best:

  1. Ensure it is mobile optimized — at least half of your visitors will be using a mobile device to check out your site.

  2. Provide clear navigation — your guests need to know where the information they seek is located and should find it easily.

  3. Contact information should be visible and located on each page — make it easy for them to do business with you!

  4. Keep it updated — staff change or location change? Make sure your site has the correct information listed.

  5. Add staff photos and bios — this builds familiarity and comfort for when they decide to visit you in person. Looking for a website refresh? Contact us 519.200.6447 and let's get the project started!


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